BanBao 6857 Dinosaur Spinosaurus

7.00 JOD by Kenzi Online

  • Ages : 4 years – 7 years
  • The Spinosaurus is the largest land predator that ever lived. He can be fifteen meters high and its striking red color creates an intimidating look on his enemies. His skull is very similar to a crocodile which he can grasp its prey tightly. In addition, the Spinosaurus is very fast and he walks on his two hind legs. All these physical characteristics make it an incredibly powerful predator!The life of the Spinosaurus is always very exciting. He is often looking for smaller dinosaurs that are a good target for him. Creep now himself in the body of this Spinosaurus and go hunting and experience exciting adventures!
  • Build the Spinosaurus with the building blocks of Banbao.Start playing with this dinosaur and see the world how it existed millions of years ago!
  • This playset includes a Spinosaurus.


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