BanBao 6858 Dinosaur Parasaurolophus

7.00 JOD by Kenzi Online

  • Ages : 4 years – 7 years
  • The parasaurolophus is a very large dinosaur with a striking hollow pipe on its head. This dino lives in large herds and eats mainly plants. When he starts running, he can reach high speeds. The parasaurolophus has to watch out for larger carnivorous dinosaurs, because he is a tasty meal to them. That is why the parasaurolophus needs to be fast enough. He can stay at a safe distance of the larger carnivores.
  • The parasaurolophus lives in a fascinating world of a million years ago. Crawl into the body of this parasaurolophus yourself and graze the open fields, experience exciting adventures with the rest of the flock!
  • Build the parasaurolophus with the building blocks of BanBao.  Start playing with this dinosaur and experience the world of a million years ago!
  • This toy set consists of one parasaurolophus.


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