Banbao 8582 – Tractor

9.50 JOD by Kenzi Online

  • Ages : 4 years – 10 years
  • It’s time again, the fields have to be sprayed. Fill the barrel with the necessary food and hang this behind the tractor. Are you ready for it? Jump on the tractor and drive over the beautiful landscape of the farm. All fields have to be sprayed sufficient, so watch out!
  • There the farmer comes. His dog Bobby follows him, wagging tail. They come to help you! While you are spraying everything, the farmer uses his axe to trim everything short. Together you make sure, the fields are perfectly taken care of!
  • Build this tractor toy with slurry store, with BanBao building blocks. Drive on the tractor and spray the fields of the farmer or play with the animals on the farm.
  • This tractor toy set consists of two Tobees, one dog, one chicken, one cat, farm tools,one tractor with slurry store and a lot more 




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