Farm City 8579

29.00 JOD by Kenzi Online

  • Ages : 5 years – 10 years 

  • The sun rises and a wonderful new day has started at the eco farm city. Everyone is ready for the big harvest. Jump in the saddle, galop across the countryside and collect all the corn with horse and wagon. Who is riding there in the far distance? It is uncle on the tractor, coming to help, so get ready for a nice ride in the country! Don’t forget to milk the cows and feed the goat. At the end of this beautiful day, the horses return to the stable, and everyone is satisfied and happy.
  • Build this beautiful farm city set with BanBao building blocks. Place the animals around the farm and start to play. There are lots of fun things to experience on the farm!
  • The farm city toy set consists of three Tobees, one horse and wagon, one extra horse, one goat, one cow, farm, tools, one tractor, grain and a lot more.


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